Bush Fires Problems To The World!

How would you feel if you were an animal and your house got burned down by a massive fire?

The bush fires have become a real problem through out the world at the moment and especially to Australia. Australia has become known for their bush fires and the warm climate.

Many animals died in the recent fire in Australia including one of our Australian icons the koala. Bush fires don’t just kill the animals they also destroy animals homes and humans homes. When the animals homes get destroyed by the fires they also could die because they don’t have any where to live.

Peoples homes get burnt down each year in Australia and over 225 homes have been ruined.


Julian Opie Art

Who doesn’t like doing art! Julian Opie is an amazing artist and we were very lucky to make a self portrait with her style. This type of art is very hard to master but when you get the hang of it, it does start to get easier, and does take time and is not the type of art you can rush.

Stolen Generation Podcast

In History, our class has been learning about one of those horrible events that took place in the 20th century the Stolen Generation, and along with my group Halo, Sienna and Tegan made a podcast about it.

All You Need To Know About Me

Well, where should I start…….

My name is Ruby and I am 11 years old. And I have a passion for golf ⛳️.  I play golf for my local club and I am the youngest member there, and I play every week trying to lower my handy cap and to have fun. I also have a hobby for making art, art is one of my favourite subjects at school. Another thing I enjoy to do in school is sport, for example cricket and football.

And that’s all you need to know about me. 



A New Adventure!

One minute I’m hanging with my friends in the pool, the next I’m working as hard as a slave!

Welcome to my blog my name is Ruby and school has just started again and lucky enough I have got a fun teacher. In class we have been learning our assembly song because we are the first performance of the year along with the class next to us. Another fun activity we have been working on is cricket in sport, and I set it up along with my other of my friends, because I got the job to be faction captain, which is when you help with anything sport, which I like. I can already tell it’s going to be a fun year with all my friends: Sienna, Halo, Bianca and Tegan. I am ready to learn more about this exciting adventure I have ended up in.